Content Ideas For The Holiday Season

I love the holidays. Growing up my parents made a big deal of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a time when we celebrated with family and made incredible memories that I remember to this day.

I grew up with a big family. Well, a big extended family. My dad came from a house that had seven children. Yes, seven!! My mom came from a house that had four children. Thanksgiving and Christmas meant that we were shuffled around to different houses each year to celebrate with one another but I wouldn’t give those memories up for the world!

That is the one thing that I miss about living so far away from my family. The big holiday get-togethers. I try to keep the momentum going by creating different traditions for my family to celebrate over the holidays and to create these memories for my children.

However, this blog post isn’t about that. This blog post is going to help you with some festive content ideas for the holiday season.


Well for one, it is fun. Who doesn’t love to create content that is specific to different times of the year? You don’t need to be serious all of the time when creating content and the holidays give you the perfect excuse to lighten up and have fun with all of your creative content.

And another reason, using holiday content is a great way for you to connect with your audience. Not everyone is going to celebrate the same holiday and that is okay. It is a great way to include everyone and see what we all celebrate.

87 content ideas to use over the holiday season

No matter if you have Black Friday sales, or celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is a great time to connect and learn about your audience and get them to learn more about you. Just the other day, I wrote a blog post on how you can prepare your content for the holidays.

So it is time to dive in and have fun with this list of festive content that you can use for all of your creative content.


Why wait any longer?! Let’s have fun and get this party started with this HUGE list of creative content ideas that you can use this holiday season.

  1. Your business specials

  2. Your new year goals (I hate the word resolutions)

  3. Your holiday traditions

  4. Photos of your Christmas decorations and tree

  5. Create a 12-days ________ that is relevant to your business. (In the past, I have done 12 days of bloggers. I may do that again.)

  6. Cookies you are leaving for Santa

  7. DIY fails or impressive wins or anything in between

  8. Share other holidays that fall on different dates (For example Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Hanukah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, New Year, and Chinese New Year)

  9. Tips to celebrate a holiday in the office

  10. Gift guide for your niche (I did a gift guide for bloggers last year)

  11. How to support a small business during the holiday season

  12. Shoutout to your favourite small business you bought a gift from

  13. Holiday plans

  14. Share your fave gift of all time that you have received

  15. Share your fave gift of all time that you have given

  16. Unique holiday countdown

  17. Reading list

  18. Your Christmas list

  19. Daily gratitude challenge

  20. Tips to get through the holidays if it is tough

  21. Mental health practices to use during the holidays

  22. Funniest holiday moments

  23. Worst gift that you ever received

  24. Gift Guide for Secret Santa

  25. Favourite Christmas movies

  26. Share your holiday bucket list

  27. Making a snowman (If you have snow)

  28. Fun facts about certain holidays

  29. Recipes that you love

  30. Charities to support this holiday season

  31. Your holiday hours

  32. Best advent calendar

  33. Favourite Christmas song

  34. Share a holiday hack

  35. Stocking stuffer gift guide

  36. Favourite part of the holiday season

  37. Least favourite part of the holiday season

  38. Checklists to stay organized over the holidays

  39. Tips to stay organized over the holidays (My planners make the perfect gift and are great at keeping you organized.)

  40. Gift guides for different age groups

  41. If you could get rid of one holiday, what would it be?

  42. Christmas morning breakfast ideas

  43. Tips to keep your kids entertained over the holiday break

  44. Ways to destress over the holidays

  45. Tips to keep your business organized over the holidays

  46. Ugly Christmas sweater photos

  47. A gift guide to local small businesses

  48. Tips to survive the holidays

  49. Behind the scenes of decorating

  50. What good things happened this year

  51. What are you looking forward to in the new year

  52. Shoutout to your clients who are supporting you

  53. Are you a last-minute shopper or an early shopper?

  54. Share your most popular posts of this year

  55. A sneak peek into what you have planned for next year

  56. Local events to attend

  57. Personal recap of the year

  58. Business recap of the year

  59. Tips for holiday travel

  60. Affirmations to use over the holidays

  61. Affirmations to use in the new year

  62. Things you can’t live without over the holiday season

  63. Your favourite holiday drink

  64. Your holiday meals

  65. How you structure your days over the holiday season

  66. Morning routine

  67. Evening routine

  68. The night before Christmas routine

  69. Tips to stay off of social media over the holidays

  70. Share an event that you are attending

  71. Wish everyone a happy holiday

  72. Share what you do on your days off

  73. Share your favourite Christmas book

  74. Share a holiday time-saving hack

  75. Ways to use your planner to save your sanity

  76. Budgeting tips for the holidays

  77. Businesses to follow

  78. Create a naughty and nice list that is related to your niche

  79. Podcasts to binge-listen to

  80. Your favourite social media content to follow

  81. Gifts to give that don’t cost money

  82. How to save on your Christmas spending

  83. Tips when traveling to see family over the holidays

  84. Gift guide for the hard to buy for

  85. Gifts you want to stay away from

  86. Places to avoid during the holiday season

  87. Preparing your business for the holiday season

That is a list of 87 different topics that you can take and use for all of your creative content. Take them and make them your own and make them relevant to your business and your audience. Remember, the holiday season is a time to have fun with your content.